What does SubMeter.ca do?

If your building is individually metered, we will review your electricity bills and look for errors. We specialize in condominiums and apartment buildings.


How does SubMeter.ca get paid?

We get paid from the savings you RECEIVE. If there are no savings to be had, there will be no charge for our services. There is no risk to the condominium, and no risk to you, the Board member or property owner.


Why don't I just do this myself?

Electricity bills are very complicated. Try it out....take a look at one! We've spent about 5 years learning how to read them, and what to look for. Additionally, we know the regulations, and the process on how to get you back some money.


What makes SubMeter.ca experts?

We have 10 years of energy experience and have worked exclusively with condos and rental buildings in the last 5 years. Most recently, we were Sales Executives with a leading smart sub-metering company. We are very familiar with how the various sub-metering models work, and we have looked at literally hundreds of electricity bills.


Can you help us pick a sub-metering company to go with?

Sure. Take a look here.  www.submeter.ca/other-services.php


Is sub-metering and smart-metering the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. When a building is sub-metered (or individually metered), the ability has been created to measure the electricity used in each suite. When a building is smart-metered, the ability has been created to bill different electricity rates for different times of the day, otherwise called Time of Use(TOU) rates. It is certainly possible to be sub-metered, but not smart-metered...but only until 2010, when the Ontario government states that all customers will be smart-metered. By the way, don't feel bad! This is my most popular question.


How can I learn more about smart-metering?

Take a look here.  www.submeter.ca/more-information.php


I've read many articles that talk about how high our bills are going to be with smart meters.  Is this true?

We doubt it.  Here are some facts:

  • Electricity cannot easily be stored like gasoline or oil or natural gas.
  • Because it can't be stored easily, you either use electricity or lose it.
  • Because you must "use it or lose it", electricity is priced relative to time
  • Electricity has LONG been priced that way in Ontario.  The prices were AVERAGED, and that average price is what appeared on our bills.
  • So, the average price that we paid ALREADY HAD a component of electricity used at "peak" (or expensive) times, and a component of electricity used at "off-peak" (or cheaper) times.
  • This average price reflected the usage patterns of EVERYONE in Ontario.
  • The only difference now, is that we, the end consumer, will become responsible to pay for electricity using our OWN PERSONAL USAGE PATTERNS.

This program has never been about forcing people to live in the dark, or not heat or cool their homes.  The program is about creating an awareness of WHEN we use our electricity, and allowing the customers to DECIDE WHEN they use electricity, because that ALWAYS has factored into the price.